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The First Age 
 - The Crossings Collide -

Godiva* was born in 1999, in Famalicão, Portugal. One year later our very first recording was released as a promo-CD entitled "Tales to Be Untold". Followed up by the EP "Traces of Irony" (2002)  recorded at Rec’n’Roll Studios and produced by Rui Danim and Luís Barros (Tarântula), this EP was a significant mark in the band's affirmation in the scene.

Five years later, in 2007,  the album "Spiral" was released and gathered excellent national and international reviews. It was recorded at Ultrasound Studios and produced by Daniel Cardoso (Anathema) and like its predecessor, played a major role in the band's consolidation in the Portuguese metal scene.

"Spiral" also marks the end of our first era.

After 11 years of pushing through the walls of everything that brought us down, even ourselves.

After 11 years of trying to be innovative, feeding our creativity from the differences of each musician, not from the trends of the day.

After 11 years… We decided that the project that meant the world to so many people should stop and therefore end.

Bands are made of feelings, emotions, joy, frustration, even anger sometimes. If you haven't felt somewhere in time the urge to kick everything to oblivion, probably you didn’t have a good one. Bands are made of young people with young dreams not always destined to come true, broken dreams doomed to fade away... and like many, many other valuable bands lost in history, we failed to manage the growing pains, normal to so many of us. 

Ergo, Godiva was about to take its rightful place of memory and oblivion.

*We were the first Godiva, not sure why but as we struggled to registered the name, a record label pushed through another band with the same name, money talks and we were forced to become The Godiva for a while.

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