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The Second Age 

- The Predictable Unknown -

Life happened and we got older, wiser in many things and stupider in several others… That’s OK, that’s life unfolding. It’s shocking, when you look back and you’re not 17 anymore... Still, that does not change who you are or what you want, that is just life happening, and sometimes it throws you a light.

When no one was hoping or looking for it, as we were going around our businesses, a challenge was placed upon us, one we could not ignore: an invitation to play at the renowned festival Laurus Nobilis Music Famalicão 2018. A stage for hundreds, thousands, it did not matter, but it seemed impossible. Could the band do it one last time? A reunion not just for the few fans, but also for us, 11 years later. Yet the challenge and the urge were too great to ignore, at least for the few that still remembered and longed to live it again, the ones that always did it, simply for the thrill of doing it!

We attempted to get every original member on board, still life got in the way again. Nevertheless, the remaining few suffered, agonized, pondered if it was worth to revive an old and glorious dream for some of us, without all original band members… It was and it seemed greater than any of us… But how? The desire won. The will to do something different, the urge to live, despite whatever happened. For everyone that somewhere in time loved the band, we found out that no one loved it more than us.


Godiva is bigger than its name, bigger than past years and how old we are: It is a state of mind, an ideology, a raison d’être for someone to find. Like everything that is worthwhile, it encompasses our dreams, our fears, our thoughts, all which makes us human, equal and different from everyone else. All that matters is what it means, what we feel and all of whom are a part of this dream. We love the band, we love the fans, and for a few moments we forgot that. It will not happen again… Never again!

From our ashes we arose. Original band members Pedro, Ricardo and Arcélio were onboard, nonetheless they needed to complete the line up. We were blessed with one connection, a Portuguese producer named André Matos, an old fan and friend of the band, who believed in and loved the band as much as we did. So, fortune dictated he would join the band, and change our history in a definite way. Soon after, André was followed by the fantastic drummer Sinatra. A young, yet proven talent, former member of the iconic band Heavenwood.

Although the band's soul remained the same, it would grow to unforeseen heights due to the genius of the Lead Guitar (Ricardo Ribeiro) and the former producer turned composer & rhythm guitar. The genius of the composers surpassed everything, even our own ego. Godiva was alive again, an old soul with new blood:  Ricardo, Pedro, Arcélio, André and Sinatra… The family was created anew reborn, stronger.

Playing at Laurus Nobilis Music Famalicão 2018 was not the eulogy that was supposed to be, it was a breath of life to a worthwhile dream. With new, right blood... a turning point for a new beginning. 

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