Origin: Porto, Portugal

Genre: Melodic Death Metal, Symphonic Death metal

Label: Independant.


Short BIO

In search of lost souls, Godiva, a powerhouse of melodic death metal, embarked on a tumultuous journey that commenced with a riveting performance at the Laurus Nobilis Music Fest. This was followed by a series of unforgettable shows at Vagos Metal Fest and Hard Rock Café Porto, featuring a dynamic live orchestra that amplified the aura of their music.

Despite the constraints of COVID-19 restrictions, their popularity never waned. They triumphed over adversity, orchestrating sold-out concerts in Lisbon’s vibrant RCA Club and the Laurus Nobilis Hangover Festival. Additionally, they made a notable presence at the Riverstone Metal Festival.

At the dawn of the year, the band launched two universally acclaimed singles, “The Meaning of Life” and “Media God.” The year 2023 marks their extensive European tour, designed to promote their latest adrenaline-fueled album, Hubris. The tour encompasses several nations such as France, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Czech Republic. Among the tour highlights is a highly anticipated performance at the Ostrava v Plamenech Festival. The band’s ranks have been further strengthened with the induction of Gaspar “The Animal” Ribeiro, promising an even more tantalizing taste of damnation.

Parallel to their grand tour, Godiva harbors ambitious plans to compose a new album throughout 2023. Their intent is to challenge the limitations of melodic death metal, striving to perpetually innovate and grow within the genre. This new venture stands as testament to their relentless pursuit of evolution and innovation in the world of metal music.


Hubris by Godiva is a melodic exploration into the soul of contemporary society, capturing the essence of our times with raw intensity. Drawing from the age-old Greek concept of overbearing pride and defiance, the album serves as a poignant reminder of our ever-evolving values and beliefs.

Immerse yourself in the enthralling soundscape of “Hubris”, where powerful riffs and poignant lyrics beckon listeners to pause, reflect, and challenge the world around them. Let Godiva take you on a journey that’s not just musical, but deeply transformative.



Release date

FEB 3, 2023

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Track List

01. Media God
02. Death of Icarus
03. The Meaning of Life
04. Dawn
05. Hubris
06. Black Mirror
07. Godspell
08. Faceless
09. The All Seing Eye
10. Empty Coil

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